“ You can affect me, but because that is just what you want to do I’m not going to let you.

"There was this night that I learned ‘after-party’ is just a term coined by clubs to try and convince you that even if you miss out on the actual festival you best not miss the after-party because that’s where the real shit happens. I’m not saying every after-party is a hoax but seriously take it from the kid who didn’t pay attention to the title but paid $40 regardless. If the band has (DJ SET) next to its name AKA HAIM- only 1/3 of HAIM will be present and your roommate will touch that member and it will be the highlight of your night. No festival-goers will actually attend- they already had a too bloody incredible day without having to deal with your bullshit non-wristband-wearing mediocrity."


“ I am a fucking earth.
My heart doesn’t beat.
It quakes.
Fuck you. I love me.
“ I am not a harbour for promises you cannot keep.
“ We are collapsible entities. At any given moment our very energy could shift into a plausible non-existent universe- and I haven’t even caught up with my own present self.